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Chris Hall  - marketing strategist & tactician


A marketing programs consultant specializing in projects that require efficient and creative execution for generating new revenues & sales leads, increasing market share, and expanding customer lifetime values. Since 1990 Chris has developed marketing programs within the healthcare, financial services, publishing, construction, insurance, high-tech, hospitality and telecommunications industries.





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Chris Teel Hall specializes in the development and execution of large projects designed to generate new revenues through increased customer loyalties or new market development.  She designs unique programs to achieve specific strategic goals, secures collaboration from all levels without disruption, and executes in a timely fashion. 

Her business model delivers distinct advantages over agencies, since she

  • Enables organizations to utilize their internal resources,
  • Provides auxiliary resources when internal teams are stretched to capacity or without experience, and
  • Manages all program services within a single invoice.

Since 1990, Chris has designed and executed successful programs for organizations who were 

  • Early Market Entrants,
  • Crossing the Chasm,
  • Acquiring or Merging with other Organizations,
  • Transitioning to Focusing on Core Competencies, and
  • Developing their Corporate Voice. 

Chris’ creativity is what sets these programs apart. She taps Hollywood talent, global technologists and premier sports events to deliver messaging and special offers.  

If you’d like to align your corporate goals with a personal vision, call Chris at 617.650.5400.