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Selecting the Right Message & Medium for Each Target Contact

Successful marketing programs are based on three integral decision factors:

  1. Where the target audience is in the sales cycle, to define the program's objectives;
  2. Targeting the three internal influencer contacts within each site with tailored messaging/offers, and
  3. Choosing the right tactics.

This is to detail the sales cycle and disclose which tactics are most appropriate for each stage of the cycle. Choosing the right tactics has been discussed in 'The Complete 2004 Benchmark Grid' at

Understanding the Sales Cycle

Your target audiences' reaction to marketing tactics depends on where they are in the buy cycle - awareness, interest, desire, action and loyalty.  Before you select the combination of tactics to achieve your program's objectives, be sure to understand where your prospect is in the sales cycle: 

With an understanding of where they are, you can most accurately define program objectives, such as lead generation, or cross selling.  Then you need to matrix the three internal decision makers and influencers.

Messaging for Targeted Internal Influencers

Just as each decision maker should receive targeted messaging, they also require unique mediums. Project engineers will react differently to your HTML messaging, than a sales rep. You must understand your target decision maker. For example, when targeting a C-level executive, you should consider whether they are email users, or whether someone else opens their mail. Variables such as company size, business function and desk-availability should be considered.  Here's a general guideline for (1) primary, (2) secondary and (3) tertiary influencers:

When soliciting a primary decision maker for lead generation, choose from the web, direct mail, email and/or outbound telequalifying.  On the contrary, secondary influencers will support your program with a combination of TV, radio, print, banner ads and special events.  Knowing your various decision makers is critical.


The more information you know about your prospective audiences, the greater your chances of success. Knowing where your prospects are in the decision cycle will define your objectives.  Segregating your targets into three decision levels will narrow down the most suitable mediums.  Reversing out your projected results with your tactical combination will predict results.  That's the math behind marketing programs, which is half of it.

The other half depends on experience so you don't repeat past mistakes, and good old-fashioned luck!

Please contact me with any questions/issues.

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