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New Twists to Marketing in 2004 

When market growth slows, successful companies must adapt to survive.  The most successful ones quickly launch more aggressive, precise sales and marketing programs, knowing that these are the most effective, timely and proven methods for achieving results in a short time period.  And these marketing programs will deliver positive results within 90 days, or less.  Time counts, and the bottom line won’t wait. 

Unlike other, unproven tactics, marketing programs deliver quantifiable results because they’re based on four elements that demand accuracy, accountability and real-time market input: 

  1. Target audience profiling;
  2. Defined, achievable objectives;
  3. Strategies and the means to create action and reaction; and
  4. Regular measurements and ROI requirements. 

With the 2004 economy, marketing programs now have a fifth element: 

  1. Flexibility to be generated and executed within 90 days. 

Next year’s marketing program objectives will likely remain the same; (A) increase revenues and/or (B) expand market share. Marketing executives who do not develop new market intelligence or quantifiable steps will fail. Those who do prepare well with objective due diligence and finite marketing goals will succeed.  They will succeed in the short run and benefit long term with a successful game plan for replication.  With a solid well developed strategy, successful Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will 

  1. Send the right message
  2. To the right personnel
  3. At the right time. 

Accurate, acute target marketing is critical. In the past, targeting prospects by title across certain sized enterprises or across vertical markets has proven ineffective, incapable of providing sales personnel with qualified leads.  Today, successful CMOs are concentrating their focus on their ideal customers and ideal prospects.  They are racing to intimately know and understand their business needs and concerns. For knowing the target audience pulse is critical for success.   

Here’s why:  Target audience profiling within a marketing program demands timely and objective data, without social or political influences. Marketing programs require due diligence performed on the market, the company’s core value proposition, and the target audience.  To neglect these fundamental market considerations is to risk uncertainty, and jeopardize the company’s earning potential.

Finding the right lists to target has become a specialty onto itself, and another critical step within marketing program development.  Purchasing a singular list based on a commissioned agent’s recommendation has proven time consuming and ineffective. For insurance, CMOs are relying on marketing program experience to procure, merge/purge and validate lists for narrow target marketing.

CMOs know that one-on-one relationship marketing has a small window of opportunity.  Second chances are rare. Timing is critical.  No longer is execution determined by marketing material production. Now, program launches are based on overall market conditions, target audience perceptions and niche marketplace issues. 

Marketing in 2004 will demand more precision with intelligence and execution. Businesses dependent upon their marketing achievements cannot risk failure, or even mediocre ROIs.  As more Board Member, Advisors and Venture Partners participate in growth decisions, they’re demanding results based on concrete marketing data.  Marketing programs will deliver the intelligence and results – in 90 days, or less.

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