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Undifferentiated companies are disappearing. The one-two-punch of low interest rates and a weak dollar is strengthening international competition and will accelerate this pace of demise.

Your 2004 growth strategy depends upon your market positioning, and how you differentiate.

Are you an incumbent? Or are you an insurgent?


In order of priority, incumbents need to (1) manage their business effectively, (2) provide real and sustainable differentiation of services; and (3) repeat their product distinction so often it plays on the lips of the marketplace (ie advertising). 

Inefficient incumbents will offer services that are too broad, or package high-margin items they WANT to sell (vs the market WANTING to buy.)   

Efficient incumbents will survey their customer base every 6 months, to quantify their needs.  

The most efficient means to discover and quantify customer needs commercially is via a survey program with outbound telemarketing, online exchange and incentive elements.  It can deliver results within 90 days.  Customers are pleased to be queried, and managers receive quantified market demand for differentiation analysis. 


Insurgents must continue to compete for attention among enterprise customers. 

And since C-level executives will continue to oversee all income projects in 2004, insurgents must learn how to engage executives in all sales processes.  Each C-level selling proposition must be articulate, succinct, and based on another successful relationship. Insurgents must analyze and profile their successes, for duplication within prospective entities with similar metrics, organizational structure and/or growth plans. 

Insurgents must have an operating C-level program for growth.  It should only take 90 days. 


Growth will reward incumbents and insurgents who offer something special to enterprise and government customers.  Be sure you know what these markets NEED, and give it to them.  Targeted marketing is only effective when you know what the market NEEDS. 

Let me know if you need contract assistance to either qualify your marketsí needs, or communicate your value to these markets.  Thatís my specialty!


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