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Are You Introducing Yourself Correctly?

Powerful Personal Introductions 

You probably introduce yourself to someone new at least once a day - maybe more often.  Are you making the most of this tactic? 

We can all improve our introductions.  Here's how: 

  1. Start with the purpose of your introduction.  You're NOT trying to make a sale - just to get people interested in speaking with you further.  Consider your introduction as the lively bait on the hook...
  2. Tell them your benefit first.  This is the only way to get their attention.  Besides, they'll forget your name and company name anyway...
  3. Describe how your services can benefit them.  Take 2 powerful sentences to enhance your key benefit statement.  You'll be able to measure your success by their body language!
  4. Conclude with your name, business name, and location.  By mentioning your city, you're giving them another 'jig',
  5. Ask them if they'd like your card for future reference - - or for a colleague.  This is how you measure your success! If they accept your card -- or exchange cards -- you've effectively introduced yourself, and developed a reason for another contact call. 

Chris Hall Introduction: 

    My company helps sales and marketing executives increase sales with marketing programs.  I develop and deliver custom marketing programs for generating new revenues, increasing customer loyalties, and seizing market share. Most programs deliver results within 90 days!  My name is Chris Hall and my company is Chris Hall & Associates, located in Boston. 

    Would you like my business card? 

Let me know if you need help developing a FRESH introduction!

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