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What Do You Charge?

  1. For single programs, rates can be project-based or hourly. (Project costs can be estimated after an initial meeting.)
  2. For Chris to jump-start and manage multiple projects and issues, a monthly retainer is your best value.

 How Soon Can You Deliver?

  1. Most results are within 90 days. The most common critical factors are market conditions.

What Can I Expect to Receive?

    1. Overcommunication!  Chris constantly communicates with all folks who are affected by the program – both directly or indirectly.
    2. Fluid Marketing Program documentation.
    3. Personalized consultation, input, direction, opinions and experience.
    4. Efficient turnaround on all tactics – without the agency markup.
    5. Active management of all program aspects, as required.
    6. Practical recommendations for follow-on activities and programs. 

What does your Marketing Program Include?

  1. Each Program is unique, but always features the:
    • Executive Summary
    • Program Type (integrated, interactive, telesales, event, etc.)
    • Program Objectives
    • Strategies to Accomplish these Objectives
    • Target Audience Profile including their Business Pain/Need
    • Program Timeline
    • The ‘Chinese menu’ of Tactics including the Risks, Timeline and Approximate Costs
    • Other Company Departments Involved and Affected by Program
    • Critical Factors for Success
    • Further Recommendations

Can You Teach My Staff?

  1. Sure!  Chris can work in collaboration with – or entirely independent of – your staff.  Working under full disclosure, Chris will always share information and reasoning with staff members.

What If I Already Have A Preferred Vendor, Such as a Designer?

  1. Fine!  Chris will include your agents in the program, and may use additional freelancers as required to perform services not currently available in-house.

How Will You Learn My Business?

  1. Good question! (And one that’s often asked.)
  3. A fresh view is critical to every effective marketing program.  In order to provide objective data and interpretations, the program developer must be an outsider, and without any political influences.  No assumptions are ever made when developing a program – even with familiar clients and industries! 
  4. Since business conditions vary by quarter, I always start from scratch with due diligence on your market, your core value proposition, and your target audience. 
  5. Marketing program research doesn’t retard the program’s progress – it provides the foundation for success!

Do You Provide Lists?

  1. Chris will provide all the tools that you need.  In addition to securing target audience lists, and verifying this data, she can also house your databases for the program duration… or you can work it in-house.

What if I Want to Include a Give-Away, such as a T-shirt or Custom-Printed Baseball?

  1. If you have existing relationships with ASI vendors, Chris will use them.  If not, she's qualified and experienced in securing promotional items directly from the manufacturer.  Call Chris if you need some ideas…

 Who is Your Competition?

  1. Some marketers with five or ten years experience try to develop marketing programs independently… but Chris has 25 years experience.  Some agencies develop marketing programs for clients, but then turn around and hire experienced freelances like Chris to work it behind the scenes...

 Do You Have a Question That’s Not Listed Here?

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