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The Complete 2004 Benchmark Grid:
Yields You Can Expect in 2004

Successful marketing programs are based on three integral decision factors:  

    (1)   Understanding the sales cycle,
    (2)   Targeting the three internal influencer contacts within
           each site with tailored messaging/offers, and
    (3)   Choosing the right tactics.

This is to detail return rate estimates, in order to compute a program’s ROI. [1]  (Aside from the positive attribute of increasing awareness, program results must be quantified.) 

While results can vary widely on other factors such as due diligence, list integrity and market conditions, these conservative returns for 2004 have been developed as a guideline:

The above baselines are just that – conservative estimates for 2004.  If you professionally prepare your marketing program and forecast your ROI to these figures, you’ll exceed expectations.  Please keep in mind that the most effective combination of tactics is project specific.

[1] Tactical selections also depend widely on where the three internal contacts are in the buy cycle – awareness, interest, desire, action or loyalty.  This subject is reviewed in the May Issue of FRESH Marketing Tips, available at

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