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Successful marketing programs are dependent upon current conditions relating to the economy and politics, as opposed to the business climate last year. Each campaign requires real time data, and real time sensitivities.

And the success of a marketing program is directly proportional to the expertise of its manager.  Developing and executing campaigns is a practice, not a skill. The errors made by a seasoned manager will reoccur for the novice. This can be very costly!

Since fundamental marketing program components or customer relationship strategies often require further explanation, following are relevant articles published to address these issues:

Selecting the Right Message & Medium for Each Target Contact
Successful marketing programs are based on three integral decision factors.  Learn how to design accurate objectives based on sales cycle phasing and how to select the right mix of mediums...

Cover 3 Bases When Entering New Markets
Breaking into a new industry can look deceptively easy.  But many mistakes can be made.  Even market guerillas can lose face! Rediscover the three essential components that must be addressed when breaking into new markets.

Emerging Companies: 3 Critical Components for Generating Leads
Sales programs for emerging companies have one purpose:  to generate qualified leads.  Although every sales program should be customized to your product(s), delivery processes and culture; each must contain three critical components for success...

How to Increase Customer Loyalty
Learn what you can do to increase your customer loyalties.

How To Increase Loyalties in the Technology Sector
Technology companies know that they will lose 50% of their customers (or partners!) in less than 5 years. Retaining customers is a universal objective.  Here’s how technology firms can increase their customer loyalties.

How To Sell More To Your Installed Base
Many companies have their inside sales group managing 80% of the customer base.  With an adequate infrastructure, solid management and effective marketing, an outbound department can grow customer accounts. But few are achieving their potential. Here’s why:

Stem Customer Base Erosion!
Customer marketing campaigns stem customer base attrition. They can increase the value of your customer base. And with the price of new customer acquisition skyrocketing, customer-marketing campaigns are practical.

Top Ten Tactics to Execute Today
What you can do for immediate results, while your marketing program is under development.

What Makes A Great Marketing Program
The model for continuously successful marketing program development and execution.

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