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Emerging Companies: 3 Critical Components for Generating Leads

Sales programs for emerging companies have one purpose:  to generate qualified leads. Although every sales program should be customized to your product(s), delivery processes and culture; each must contain three critical components for success: 

  1. A Provocative Offer,
  2. Easy Due Diligence, and
  3. Peer Referencing.

Fundamental Lead Generation Targets

There are always three executives targeted for lead generation: 

  • The executive who will be responsible for your product's implementation, and who will benefit personally from saving time and resources;
  • The financial executive who will realize quantifiable efficiencies in other areas with this implementation; and
  • The C-level executive who will leapfrog the competition with this competitive advantage.

The 3 Critical Components

Each lead generation program should target these three individuals.   Sales programs fail when they only target one of the three critical executives. 

And each individual should receive three distinct deliveries.  Repetition plays a key role in prospect penetration.

Your tailored message should include the offer and provide an easy way for them to secure additional data, perform their own competitive intelligence and check peer references.

  1. Provocative Offer
    This must relate directly to their professional needs, but subtly affect their personal needs. White papers do not qualify as an offer, but may satisfy the next category: 
  2. Competitive Intelligence
    Make it easy for your prospects to compare your product in the marketplace, so they understand your market positioning and competitive advantages.  Provide links to objective reviews or reviewers on your reply microsite.
  3. Peer references
    No one takes the risks they did last year.  Each expenditure must be close to a 'sure bet'.  Peer references make the difference.  Unlike consultants (or accountants!) peers have nothing to gain by giving their opinions and telling of their experience with your product. They establish credibility in executive conversations.   But you must provide all 3 peer references in the installation, not just a single reference.  No C-level executive will accept the reference of an end-user!

With qualified leads to these professionals, your sales team can work the executive team. They must be prepared, though. Second chances are rare.

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